Number of Published Volumes: 5

Number of Published Issues: 12

Number of Published Articles: 43


View Per Article: 579.7

PDF Download Per Article: 248.02


Acceptance Rate: 48%

Average Time to Acceptance: 61 days


DYSONA – Applied Science is an open access peer reviewed scientific journal. The main aim of DYSONA – Applied Science is to address recent issues in the various fields of applied science and provide solutions for these issues. Rather than focusing on the novelty of published research, DYSONA – Applied Science aims to introduce accurate and replicable scientific results through publishing original works in the broad subjects of:

  • Agriculture
  • Applied environmental sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Food science

Review articles with broad and interdisciplinary topics are also welcome.

All submitted manuscripts should tackle an issue that can be classified under any broad subject of DYSONA – Applied Science. The works should contain well-defined objectives, transparent methodology, and valuable results. However, Interdisciplinary research subjects are exceptionally welcome, such as:

  • Eco-friendly agricultural approaches
  • Innovative technologies in food production systems
  • Environmental impacts on production cycles; challenges, and solutions 

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