First issue of DYSONA - Applied Science

  Read the first issues of DYSONA Applied and Life Sciences journals at:   DYSONA - Applied Science published articles   1- Evaluation of tetraploid induction in forage sorghum cultivar “Omid-Bakhsh” using colchicine treatment   2- The influence of various levels of ammonium to total nitrogen on post-harvest performance of three apple cultivars (Golab Kohans, Gala, and Granny ...

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Call for papers - First issue

    We are happy to announce DYSONA’s first call for paper in both DYSONA Applied and Life sciences journals. Accepted manuscript will be published by the beginning of 2020. Why to publish your work with DYSONA now? Free open access: Both DYSONA journals in life and applied sciences are open access journals. With the current free to publish policy, your work will reach wider audience and gain the real impact it deserves. DOI: all published articles via DYSONA platforms ...

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