Manuscript contributorship corrigendum


Mr. Frank Chibuzor Okenmuo contacted the editorial office regarding the manuscript entitled "Estimation of soil water erosion using RUSLE, GIS and remote sensing in Obibia River watershed, Anambra, Nigeria" DOI: 10.30493/DAS.2022.349144 asking for the addition of extra author. At the time, Mr. Okenmuo was the corresponding and only author of the aforementioned article and asked to add Prof. Temitayo Abayomi Ewemoje (Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria) as a co-author. Mr. Okenmuo stated that Prof. Ewemoje was unintentionally excluded from the authorship list. Mr. Okenmuo added that Prof. Ewemoje's significant contribution as a supervisor and to the article merits his listing in the authorship.

By contacting Prof. Ewemoje, he confirmed that he supervised the work of Mr. Okenmuo and that his involvement in the published work is substantial. Although Prof. Ewemoje was not involved in the peer review communications of the manuscript, he agreed on the final published format in DYSONA - Applied Science journal. Prof. Ewemoje reported no conflict of interest in relation to this manuscript.

It is worth noting that including the supervisor's name is compulsory in Ph.D. student articles, similar to the case in this article between Mr. Okenmuo (The Ph.D. student) and Prof. Ewemoje (The supervisor), which further confirms the unintentional nature of this issue. Therefore, following COPE's recommendations of "Changes in authorship: Addition of extra author – after publication DOI: 10.24318/cope.2019.2.10", the editor decided to resolve this issue by adding Prof. Ewemoje's name and affiliation.