Triplicate publication notice


It has become evident to our editorial board that two manuscripts of high similarity to the manuscript entitled “Effects of structure, purity, and alignment on the heat conduction properties of a nanostructured material comprising carbon nanotubes” authored by Prof. Junjie Chen and published in DYSONA – Applied Science journal in 20/2/2022 DOI:  10.30493/DAS.2022.327865 were published in two journals following ours.

The first duplicate incidence occurred (24/2/2022) in the Online Journal of Materials Science with the manuscript entitled "Effects of Carbon Nanotube Structure, Purity, and Alignment on the Heat Conduction Properties of Carbon Films and Fibers" DOI: 10.31586/materials.2022.248. The second duplicate incidence occurred in Mus Alparslan University Journal of Science (MSUFBD) with the manuscript entitled “Effects of structure, purity and alignment on the heat conduction properties of carbon nanotubes and fibers” DOI: 10.18586/msufbd.1065544. All three manuscripts contained similar results and methodology with overlapping manuscript processing periods. Therefore, this case was deemed a clear triplicate publication, and Prof. Chen provided no further explanations in this regard.

As much as we regret publishing this statement, we would like to thank Dr. Adnan Cetin, the Editor in Chief of MSUFBD, for his professional collaboration in this case. Furthermore, we take this chance to remind our respectable authors to avoid multiple simultaneous submissions of the same paper and to read our Publication Ethics page for more information regarding our publishing practices.